We seek to assist missionaries, Pastors and church congregations locally and abroad. We partner with other organizations that support or send both short and long term missionaries into the field.

Short term mission trips abroad have us partnering with many churches as we train and equip them to go into their surrounding towns, schools, villages and communities to share the Gospel. Many thousands have been ministered to and reached for Jesus. Thousands have come to receive and trust in Him. Partnering with IMB, World Harvest Project, Missions 4 Jesus and others has proven to be very effective in this area.

Media Ministry

... Impacting Lives for Eternity

Local Missions

Foreign Missions

The urgent goal of ACTS Missions of NC is to function as a global missionary support organization.

We provide support for the advancement of the Christian

faith all over the world wherever needs can be identified. 

Our media ministry purchases and accepts donated Bibles, DVDs, music, tracts, books, training materials, and other misc. items for distribution and use to  organizations spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have given translated Bibles, other literature and related items to foreign missionary organizations for distribution in several different countries. We also provide these materials to local ministry organizations and individuals.  

Our Calling:

We partner with churches and other ministries  to meet the needs of families in the local community. Our goal is to assist children, seniors, nursing homes and the homeless as much as possible. This ministry also provides household goods, clothing, food and other necessities.
Crisis Pregnancy Centers involvement allows us to help protect the lives of   innocent unborn children.

ACTS Missions of NC 

Allowing Christians To Serve ... 

English classes abroad have become a way to share the Gospel in foreign missions. Many nationals want to learn English in their country and having  ESL classes in a Christian environment is very effective. Proficient ESL students are then able to translate for traveling mission teams. The ministry also provides teacher and student manuals along with other classroom needs. This enables us to grow and expand to other locations.